BAYSIC integrates multiple call sets using Bayesian machine learning for dramatic improvements in variant call sensitivity and specificity.

A manuscript describing BAYSIC has been published in BMC Bioinformatics and is available here.

BAYSIC™ may be used for purely academic purposes without charge. For any other use, especially commercial use or where the user or the user's customer, affiliated institution, employer or contracting party is paying money or exchanging anything of value in whole or part for any data output generated by BAYSIC or any data that makes use of or depends upon BAYSIC output, then you or your associated entity must obtain a license to use BAYSIC from Genformatic® in advance of download or use of BAYSIC. To license BAYSIC for commercial use or any use other than purely academic research, please contact Genformatic at

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Downloading or using BAYSIC indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions: "I understand and agree that the BAYSIC source code is copyrighted and owned by Genformatic, and is an implementation of a patent-pending method of improved variant detection developed and owned by Genformatic. As a precondition to accessing and using BAYSIC, I represent that I will only use BAYSIC for purely academic research purposes. I understand that any other use, modification, or republication of BAYSIC is strictly prohibited without first obtaining a license from Genformatic, and I agree that any use of BAYSIC for other than purely academic research may be enjoined by Genformatic without first proving irreperable harm or any other usual prerequisite to injunctive relief, and without prejudice to Genformatic's subsequent ability to recover monetary damages from me for unauthorized use."