Drowning in data? Genformatic can help.

Our staff has extensive experience in computational biology, bioinformatics, software development, IT infrastructure and database design and management.

Genformatic provides custom bioinformatic services, including software development as well as transcriptome analysis, non-human genome analysis and more. Genformatic also provides database management for big data projects and Health IT infrastructure improvement.

Among Genformatics core capabilities are:

  • Software development in Perl, C, Java, Ruby, Python, Javascript and more
  • Data infrastructure and database design for bioinformatic labs, data centers and hospitals
  • Metagenomic and phylogenetic analysis
  • Web application development in PHP, Ruby on Rails and Perl
  • RNAseq analysis and differential expression analysis
  • Installation and maintenance of GMOD software solutions such as Gbrowse, Jbrowse, Apollo and Chado
  • Statistical analysis and consulting
  • Annotation and analysis of human and non-human genomes

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