If you require more than a basic genome analysis and variant interpretation, we recommend our Genformed™ genomic analysis and health report.

Your Genformed™ report includes everything a genome currently reveals about you, your client or your patient. This information allows you to develop a personalized health care plan, designed with your personal health risks and your probable response to drugs or potential therapy in mind.

Your Genformed™ report is updated as new scientific discoveries allow us to infer more from your genome. As new discoveries allow us to interpret genomic features that were previously ambiguous, and as new knowledge changes the meaning of a particular genomic variant, Genformatic will update your Genformed™ report to include this new information 1

As genome science and medical research improve, so does our ability to use your personal genome to predict your specific response to drugs and your individual risk of developing medical conditions. The value of your genomic health risk profile, and your Genformed™ health report, increases with each new discovery.

To obtain a Genformed™ genomic health analysis and report, we will require a sample for sequencing. If you (or your doctor) already have sequence data, you may send us FASTQ or BAM files. Genformatic will provide all information currently available about your genome, including references to information in the scientific literature about your genomic variants, and how they may influence your probability of associated health risks or benefits.

If you are an individual without appropriate medical or scientific training asking us to forecast probable health risks or benefits from the sequence variation in your genome, then regulatory considerations may make it necessary for us to communicate those results to your doctor, rather than directly to you. However, if you choose exome sequencing and analysis in a CLIA certified laboratory, and/or agree to consult with our affiliated ACMG board-certified human geneticist or another similarly qualified professional about your results, then we may release your report in full, including explicit health risk information, directly to you.

Genformed® Report (including BAYSIC™ calls and VarIANT™ tool access
$2199 per sample


More accurate variant calls may be gleaned from multiple variant detection algorithms using our BAYSIC (Bayesian integrated calling) process. BAYSIC produces a single call set with dramatic improvements in both sensitivity and specificity. BAYSIC is available for an additional $99 per sample or BAM file.

BAYSIC™ variant cells
$99 per sample or BAM file


We send you a variant report2, informing you of any genomic variants we detect that have been previously associated3 with health effects in other people, and provide links to the scientific studies that document those associations or correlations. If you want to personally explore your genomic data, and filter or sort your variants by gene, disease, pathway, drug, medical condition or trait, then we will provide access to our VarIANT (variant interpretation and annotation tool) web application for an additional $99 for the first 3 months of use, and $159 for a one year’s subscription.

VarIANT™ report and tool access
$99 for 3 months
$159 for a year's subscription

Consultation with a Genetics professional

If you want personalized help understanding your report, then we will refer you to an accredited medical genetics professional to consult with you. For more information on this service please contact us at

Consultation is available starting at $1299.

Your genome is your genetic ID - protect yourself from genomic identity theft and unauthorized use of your genome with GENIE™.

To make use of your genome sequence information you need to share it and the health information it contains with your doctors. You may also wish to exchange your genomic health and ancestry information with your friends, relatives or other people who share a particular trait or condition.

You may not want to share information about your ancestry and future health prospects with insurance companies, government or anyone else who intercepts your genomic information without your knowledge and permission.

GENIE™ guards your genome by encrypting sequence data for storage and transmission, while enabling those who have your permission to unlock it and use it when they receive it. If unauthorized users gain access, the data they intercept will be unintelligible.

GENIE™ allows you and your network (physicians and health care providers, friends or family) to exchange genomic information without the risk of revealing your genome to other people or organizations who may want to use it without your permission.

1 Genformed health risk reports will be updated once during the first year free of charge. Updates after the first year may be obtained by subscription. Contact us for more information.

2 The variant report is not a diagnostic test and is not intended and has not been approved for use in diagnosing or treating disease or medical conditions. Our standard services and the variant report are for informational and research use only. Any information you obtain from our report should be confirmed and validated with an approved diagnostic test or additional sequencing and analysis in a CLIA certified laboratory before using the information for medical diagnosis or treatment decisions, and then only in consultation with your medical professional. Do not cease or alter any prescribed medication or treatment based upon the information we provide without independent validation of the information, and then only after consultation with your physician.

3 We only report health impacts of variants we detect if those variants have been previously documented in the scientific or medical literature as associated with an elevated or reduced health risk.

For further information about obtaining your Genformed™ report, please contact us at or call 512.565.4693.