GENMATE™ provides a way to share and compare genome data without compromising the security of your personal health and genetic identity information.

Maybe you or a loved one want to locate a potential donor for a stem cell, tissue or organ transplant. Maybe you want to know if you’re related to someone, and if so, how closely1. Maybe your family has a history of hypertension or heart disease and you want to find a mate that doesn’t carry the most common markers for those conditions. Maybe you want to avoid sharing private, personally identifiable information2, yet still get fast, accurate answers to these questions.

GENMATE™ is a novel application that allows you to quickly and accurately share and compare your genome with other people, without revealing your actual genome sequence information and the personally identifiable data it contains. For example, to compare your genome to a friend’s, both you and your friend simply download the application2. GENMATE™ encrypts your genomic data, then calculates and reports genetic similarity without revealing your genomic identity to the other person.

GENMATE™ is for research and recreational use only, and is not approved for use in diagnostic procedures.

1 For example, some populations derive from relatively small group of founder individuals, and members of these populations have a high chance of sharing genetic material. The greater the genetic similarity of parents, the higher the risk of birth defects in their offspring.

2 Your genome and genotype information provide as much or more unique information about you as do fingerprints.

3 Each paid app download buys two free app downloads for friends, redeemable for one free genome comparison.

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