Genformatic provides comprehensive microbiome sequencing and metagenomic analysis. We provide rapid turnaround and custom analysis options too.

The number of microorganisms living on and inside each of us exceeds the number of cells in the human body by a factor of 10. New discoveries relating the species composition of the microbiome to important correlates of health and wellness are accumulating rapidly. Whether you’re comparing the dominant microbial genera differentiating healthy and sick populations, or you are an individual wanting to learn more about the microbial species living on or in various parts of your body, we can help.

Standard microbiome sequencing and analysis starts at ~$150 per sample, and includes an operational taxonomic unit abundance analysis with heatmaps and a rarefaction curve.

We can also provide a Principal Components Analysis and/or a Unifrac analysis. We will prepare a report containing figures, explanations and conclusions as well. Custom analysis is also available. Contact us at for more information.

$150 per sample