Complete, Accurate Genome Information
A New Paradigm For Improving Human Health And Creating Better Genomic Health Information

A New Paradigm for Improving Human Health

Get free genome test results when you submit a sample & agree to share your genomic data and health records to advance medical science.

Help create a knowledgebase to spur drug discovery and medical innovation.

Learn about new drugs and clinical trials for people with your genomic markers or medical conditions that may be right for you.

Receive free genome testing and test result interpretation when you share your genomic data and health information for research and discovery


This genomic health database will be compiled by removing personal information, and then linking each person's genome sequence and health information.

Additional insights can potentially be gleaned if you allow access to and share social media information.

This knowledgebase will be made available to cooperating research scientists and institutions that agree to our terms and conditions of use so that they may learn more about how our genome sequence differences affect disease risk, impact our response to drugs, provide diagnostic or prognostic indicators, or alter the likelihood of treatment success.


Our goal - improve healthcare for everyone and increase access to treatments designed for the combination of genomic changes that make us all unique.

How? By accelerating the delivery of precision medicine, individually optimized for the specific genomic variations we all carry.


Before you can participate, you need to read and sign the form that indicates you understand the risks, conditions, terms and limitations of participation in the genomic medicine.

How does it work?

  1. Submit a sample for genome testing
  2. Answer health questions or share your medical records
  3. Learn about genome test results that may affect your health risks, are associated with common personal traits or medical conditions.
  4. Agree to share your genome and health information with others (like research scientists, healthcare providers and drug companies) to be used to create or test new treatment options for you and others like you
  5. Request information about relevant clinical trials or new products, and agree to be recontacted

If you agree to allow us to contact you again, then we will advise you of any new treatment options or clinical trials that become available and may be of interest to you, given your genome sequence and the DNA mutations or variations you may have, as well as the medical conditions or diseases that you have shared with us.

Just fill out the CONSENT & RELEASE FORM & GET IN CONTACT with us.

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